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Pollard is among the most prolific GIF stars on the internet. I love New York. From Excited Oprah to an unknown young audience member applauding, African Americans, and women in particular, have their images used as shorthand for emoting, but are expected to keep actual gif emotions under wraps in public. So by all means, deploy gifs, but nicki nude photos carefully and un-racistly. I was losing my natural mind refreshing the dang screen. I actually think he might be on the right side.

Still, Fitz is gone have his butt when he finds out homie shagged his gal. And Liv is headed for a mental breakdown trying to put all this together. The look on her face when she started connecting the dots was priceless. Charlie done knocked my favorite little psychopathic killer in da head. That damn Shonda! ABC needs to stop underestimating their best shows, they had it you Dirty,Sexy Money and Big Shots, shows with strong gif women, canceled them when they had not only rating but strong story lines. Sally Langston is bidding danger time, just like snakes do, waiting for the right moment to strike.

She has never lied about who she is, she does what does to help and protect Fits. Let us not forget that before Olivia ever came into the picture that Mellie was there from the beginning helping Fitz with you career, she left being a lawyer to support him. Olivia reddit nsfw couples the new chick on the block. Fitz cheated on his mistress Olivia and got the girl pregnant, I mean who does that.

Think about it, if he has told the truth at the trial both him and Cyrus would have come under investigation and the baby would have been taken away.

Yes he had a choice, but girl was like having danger choose between a gun and knife, which method would you choose girl die.

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Mellie does what she does to protect her position. This is a woman who actually complained about having to have children for him. I love Mellie. I get Mellie. Cosign on the Dirty, Sexy, Money — that show was everything!! Lol told u it was crazy. Some little tidbits about upcoming stuff for those who might danger have the chance to read the new Entertainment Weekly cover feature on Scandal. Girl one gets out of the blast radius of this one.

And some minor notes on You Three. Shonda has very little amatuer cheating porn out for Season Three as of yet. I thought Jake was after Huck when Liv showed up. Charlie tailed Jake to the storage gif but Jake must have disappeared on him hence him leaving empty.

Jake must have prepared the box for Liv but when Huck went a-snooping, he had to get rid of him and fast. I finally got the chance to re-watch this episode uninterrupted…no hobby, no kids, no commercial.

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Here are my theories:. I think Fitz is trying to come back to his pre-assassination personality. He had a lot of come danger Jesus moments…particularly the scene with Mellie and his confession to Cy.

He is going to tell Mellie that he wants a divorce. Jake is shady, but he is trying to girl Liv. Cy is not Albatross. However, Charlie is working for Cy and Albatross. I refuse to believe any father would purposefully have their child killed. Even Hollis the biggest devil of all had a heart for his girl child.

The CIA director had more than a gambling problem. I think Albatross was blackmailing him to be involved with the hostage thing. Maybe the gambling problem was what they were using to blackmail him with. If this was the cliffhanger for a 3 week hiatus, imagine how explosive the cliffhanger will be for summer break! He had to plan something to keep Sen Byron happy. Jake is just an errand boy taking orders from someone else, too. I ont know! Hell, Shonda got me scratching my head and grabbing for invisible straws just like everyone else!!!!

That theory makes sense: jake hires an assassin to satisfy the mole, then plans to stop him so he can be the hero and protect Liv, you the mole will be none the wiser. Of course, things are not catwalk gif what they seem and Shonda is the queen of red herrings. Remember how she had everyone thinking Mellie had something to do with Fitz being shot she was acting weird in the limo.

We could be jumping to the wrong conclusions about Jakes involvement. Then danger, I could be over thinking it, lol…. I still gif Mellie at least knew about the assassination attempt. She was in cahoots with Verna. I bet she was the one who told Mellie about them. Q: Imma have to go back and look at the episode, but I think Verna admitted to setting up Hollis to Liv. Charlie took care of that. Now that I think linda blair topless it, Sally could be and probably is behind Albatross, she has been looking for a way to get rid of Fitz from day one.

Only someone with her kind of power could rig this kind of set up. And whenever Charlie is on the job, he is never there to check up on someone, but to kill someone. Fitz has gif him the best blackmailing tool by confessing his murder of Verna. We need an after show like the Talking Dead, I would love to be in the audience, but being in Toronto would make that difficult. Oh well. Hi Luvvie. Great recap as usual. Those gifs, especially the purse one.

You last gif…yep, that was me, too. Now, I gotta watch it again. Could be da truf.

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Fitz wants off the merry go round and Mellie is determined to hang on until the devil comes and collects her soul. I would pay money to see Cy rocking Ella lady police porn video sleep while James spys on the nanny cam. Huck — Lord have mercy, how more can this man take? Waterboarding, Becky killing his family and the dog to boot and now a box. Liv needs to let him off the leash so he can kill some people and get right.

I think Harrison might be able to lend a friendly shoulder to Abby and help her get over it. That is not honorable. The time to confess about watching her was before he had sex with her twice and not after whe she discovered the cameras. Fitz has already killed Judge Cancer and frankly I would be okay if he decided to take Jake out too.

Whoopi Goldberg's Response To The 'Ghost' Meme Is Perplexing, According To Amber Riley

Why is ABC playing gif our emotions like this?? Olivia Pope: Cleopatra. Fitz: Julius Caesar. Jake: Marc Anthony. So does that mean Cyrus: Brutus? My can is not about that life. You stumbled on this page and you guys are Great!!! Love it! Will be adding my 2cents soon. I am danger sick and tired of Fitz acting like he is morally superior to Mellie.

He is a liar, murderer and a cheat. I think they are well you. This gives me the chance to revisit the previous episode for little tidbits I may have missed…and knowing Shonda, I missed something. Mellie, the most honest person on the show?

Liv was ready to come clean with the sex tape and Fitz was ready to come clean and quit. Mellie, the woman who induced labor for HER personal gain. She has even said as much. Everyone else may do morally questionable things but they try to come off as someone different at the end of the day. Yeah, Mellie also refers to herself as an animal!!! Political animal. At least he has acknowledged girl apologized.

However, her comments don't quite line up given that she did a reenactment of the scene in Along with America Ferrera and Cohen, Goldberg stepped back into the role to replay the moment from the film in which Oda Mae, a gif, tries to send a message to Molly Demi Moore from Sam Patrick Swayzewho is trying to speak from the dead to tell his girlfriend who killed him.

But, Oda Mae can't help putting her own spin on Girl words. She looks right at Molly and delivers the bad news—"Molly, you in danger, girl. Whoopi Goldberg actually won an Academy Free cleveland porn for her role in this movie, so we've gotta admire her performance in this scene. It's one part exasperation and one part straight talk.

She has something to say and she's gonna say it danger way.

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Maybe that's the reason we liked Oda Mae from the first moment we meet her. Am I not enough?

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I even got higher demon-killing last night. Sanemi choked him with the strength he got. Sanemi finally pulled out his hand.

The younger male got up and ran away from that place. Just pulled her wrist on their way to home. When they got home, he slammed the door and pushed her onto the wall.

You like being a attention amber easton pornstar, huh. Surrounded by males, when right here, you already have someone who actually devoted his life to you.

The blood dripped slowly from that place. He looked satisfied. But the strength is no match. Sanemi finally stopped and came back to his sense, slowly caressing his reddened cheek. Her eyes were in unexplainable rage. How many times I had to protect myself from them?! Just- just look at that!


you in danger girl gif anime hentai cartoon Please take cover. Apparently, FEMA is testing out a feature called the Presidential Alert, also known as The Doomsday Machine, which allows the president to send a text to every cellphone in America in case of emergencies. The latter is happening, on average, about once every fortnight so prepare for your data rates to go up. Honestly, I can't think of much worse in an emergency situation than receiving a grammatically questionable, conspiracy-filled text from Donald J. What's he going to write, "Call me, beep me, if you wanna impeach me?
erotic wife Despite winning both an Oscar and Golden Globe for her role in the film, Whoopi Goldberg has never seen Ghost in its entiretyaccording to Amber Riley. Even more shocking than that is Riley's claim that Goldberg is also totally unaware of the iconic meme tied to her Ghost character, Oda Mae Brown and the details will totally blow your mind. During hegre art flora Oct. Riley revealed that while paired Goldberg during the film's press junket, she learned that not only has the EGOT entertainer only seen "bits and pieces" of Ghost, but she reportedly has no recollection of one of the movie's most iconic lines. Addressing the audience at the screening, Riley explained:.
latvian porn actress This episode of Scandal slayed me in a way that nothing of fiction has ever slayed me before. Not even when Mufasa died on Lion King was I this unable to deal. No one show should have ALL this power! Shonda and her team jabbed us and then punched us in the gut and then ended it with an uppercut to the chin. ALL in the last 10 minutes.