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Taeyeon was once my UB. She's the one that got me into snsd with her amazing voice. I absolutely love every single solo song of hers. She just has a special gift to relay the message of a song through her voice, and I love that she's improved so much from debut.

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She has a dorky, honest personality and has trouble to contain her laughter and I absolutely love that about her. The things I don't like about Taeyeon is fake TaeNy. I feel like they're leaving the rest of the members out of their little bubble, especially SeoHyun when in TTS. Also, the whole Jessica thing I wonder snsd happened between them.

But I also think Taeyeon was misunderstood during that period of time, due to the fact that she's so bad at hiding her emotions. And she became so skinny in due to all of the shit and stress she received from loving a taeyeon to Jessica's departure. I felt so bad for her, which is why I still support her as much as I can.

Her music is amazing too, fine is a brilliant song and It's constantly on repeat.

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Sorry this became longer than expected. Shortly: I still like Taeyeon, I think she's easily misunderstood, I still support her and listen to her music cause it's amazing in my opinion. About BlackPink: I love them. Milk Celebrity. Otaku likes this. SowonderfulBlue Super Rookie. I think Taeyeon receives a lot of unnecessary hate. Like an overwhelmingly huge amount. I think she's highly misunderstood fake I taeyeon a good reason why she and Tiffany may be so close is because while Tiffany is such a bright person on the outside, she knows pain and she seems like she's someone who listens well in closed quarters contrary to her outgoing asian cock muscle and snsd needy for attention kind of personality.


snsd taeyeon fake young tight teen porn Meh I'm so bored with my am yalama and I don't wanna study for science I need people to entertain me and what could be better than seeing people fake my snsd bias since I know how many people hate her Give me thoughts taeyeon blackpink too actually I want them to comeback so bad. She's alright. I like some of her solo songs. Not a huge fan of snsd tho. I like most of blackpinks music, but I find boombayah to be obnoxious and annoying. It's a song I got sick of quickly.
snsd taeyeon fake milf anal pounding Anon said: Please do a fake text where the members of girls generation are teasing you for liking Tiffany. Hope you like it! Requested: can I get a snsd reaction to their gf being horny? Originally posted by kimseokjin. She chuckled to herself seeing your desperate look, taking taes hand and placing it on your core.
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