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I captured Marey the centaur girl but she doesn't appear as a cd fucked either to talk to as an assistant or as a participant in sexual activities. I really like you work and look forward to the future of the game. Just wanted to say the new UI looks great and the new city is an interesting concept. Being able to move between cities should be an option though. Quite a few events still reference the Mardukane NPCs instead of the new ones too.


Good luck with fixing and improving everything! Does anyone have a link for the 3. Thanks, Shereenarolepay. I've been having a problem recently since 3.

Slave Maker Development: Version Beta Release

This still happens to me sometimes, and I'd like to know maker there is any debug command to end the training already. I think that usually happens when you are a Freelancer.

You don't need a debug-command. In the System-Menu there is cheat "Complete"-Button to end the training of the current slave. There is a bug I just fixed where slaves after Shampoo can get this issue, but it should not persist after save, exit game and re-run, at least the NEXT slave will not be affected. The next beta will fix this bug. First of all thank you, for all the work you have done. As I have some deepika padukone naked read can't figure it out ; maker using old 3.

Anyway thanks again. Wednesday, September 16, Version 3. This is a beta version of the new game release, version 3. This is a test version and not really meant for general gameplay. If you want to play the game and not help test the new release, please wait a few weeks for the full release of the game.

This version, since the last stable release 3. It's very hidden until you explicitly want it. It is designed to be powerful and easy to use, and has the following features: Edit stats on Slaves, Assistants, the Slave Maker, and any owned Minor Slave. Edit current trainings on Slaves, Assistants, and any owned Minor Slave.

Slave sex trainings on Slaves, Assistants, and any owned Minor Slave. Edit love on Slaves, Assistants, and any owned Minor Slave. Edit sexual preferences on Slaves, Menu, and any owned Minor Slave. If appropriate. Check current pregnancy, and edit the pregnancy. Remove Assistant. Edit Weapon Skills cheat the Slave Maker. Menu Slave Maker's Origins. Edit Slave Maker's Special Event. Edit Slave Maker's Advantages. Edit Slave Maker's Faith.

This is because the sheer amount of images in the game. I feel like just a little compression would go a long way without sacrificing much quality. Tons of stuff to do. Lots of kinky sex things as well. Corruption of Champions led slave to this classic game many years ago. SetVariable "MaxLibido", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "MaxJoy", ;javascript:document.

SetVariable "VarCharisma", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "VarSensibility", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "VarRefinement", ;javascript:document.

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SetVariable "VarIntelligence", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "VarMorality", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "VarConstitution", ;javascript:document. SetVariable "VarCooking", ;javascript:document.

Thread starter dignity Start date Jun 7, Did this work for you? Votes: 43 Votes: 9 I don't understand. Votes: 19 Total voters Once I close the. Don't know why. I didn't change any files. It seems the game fails to save the events or delicious nude photos. That doesn't happen when I load a save file after completing training of a slave. It reappeared on the next day.

Strange that didn't happen the other day when I first saw the disappearance. But Back to playing now. First of this newest version is so much better than previous one. However, I have just run into a bug, which I'm not sure if anyone have reported or if anyone else got it. But when I get one of the minor slaves doesn't matter who and choose fully train them, something goes wrong.

Slave Maker Development: Slave Maker Update

Doing this totally removes the "planned cheat of training" day for the current slave that I'm trying to train and technically make the training endless. It also doesn't matter at what point I try that fully train for any of the minor slaves as be it at first or last day or something between, I lose that "planned end of training" day every time for the current slave I'm training. This bug also carries on, when you try to train that minor slave as they don't have that end day on calendar nor it happen after mentioned days are over.

Normal slaves from slave back however works normally, as they will get the "planned end of training" day, menu you start a new one. And it's not just those minor slaves, that are bugged with trying to fully train them.

When you do, it also removes all special trainings, like courtesan training and points you might get from them if you try to use "complete" option to circumvent the loss of "planned end of training" day. What makes this bug irritating is that you can't really use minor slaves and get most out of them at the moment. And this must be some form of bug as minor slaves worked properly in 3. You seem to be misunderstanding something here. If you fully train a Minor Slave eyes roll back sex still own them, you are not under a commission to train them for another, and have a time limit to train.

As such there is no 'planned end of training' and this is completely intentional. If this did happen previously it was a bug! I am not seeing the issue. Can you please post your save game for me to investigate. Please confirm you are using the 3. Small issue I really like the "Telling dirty Storys" in the bar - thing ;- I got up to 5 collected panties I had at least 3 further Events allready where the Story was arousing maker that the woman gave me her panties. Can you check this out?

Ohh and one other Thing I can re-post cheat queries for them, but it would be best to check their development thread at the Futanari Palace.

There is maker one little thing. My Free nude sites as a SM is to have a harem with as many Slave as possible. But bevor you get Access to "as much loves a you like" with leadership 4 you can only have 1 LS 14 LS 26 LS slave and then unlimeted LS4 Could you think about increasing the amounts of the Levels so you dont have menu rush trough all Leadership Levels.

Navigation menu

The game whould have less stress for a loveing SM if you could have e. IF you select slave trainer 2 on start you can have enough slave stats for most contest and events. So you need train only leadership if you need to keep them all. At the intersection between all worlds, surrounded by the mystical Fogs since the dawn of time, stands Eternal Rome; a city of opportunity and loss, and pronstar snapchat incredible wealth and equally incredible poverty.

Human life is cheap here, but it's still possible to accurately estimate its value. Especially when you're a slaver. It's a dirty business, but one that will net you wealth and power in society.

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slave maker 3 cheat menu dirty naked pics This makes it near impossible to get a slave pregnant. Those values have nothing to do with pregnancy, the chance of impregnation is not based on lust in any way, just on a random chance Be aware of the Realistic Body mod that add a fertility cycle to the game, it can be disabled if you prefer the standard flat chace by editing configuration8. The problem for the Minimum values is fixed and will be in the 3. Yeh, I grabbed the torrent version that seemed to have the E8 thing installed. Before I updated to 3.
slave maker 3 cheat menu gabrielle douglas naked Jack-o-nine [ edit ]. Technical Help. Jack-o-nine-tails is a slave trainer simulation game powered by the Quest Soft Player engine. You play as a slave trainer who trains and sells slaves in order to attain wealth and status. At the intersection between all worlds, surrounded by the mystical Fogs since the dawn of time, stands Eternal Rome; a city of opportunity and loss, and of incredible wealth and equally incredible poverty. Human life is cheap here, but it's still possible to accurately estimate its value. Especially when you're a slaver.
slave maker 3 cheat menu animal porn movies How to hack Pet Society! Pet Society cheats, tricks, hacks. Needed: Cheat Engine 5. Check Pet society's Fac The tutorial focuses on using Cheat Engine 5. The user will need to choose the "Epic Mode" under difficulty setting. The tutorial maker's mouse also shows where the user is clicking for the menu to come up.