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Wait a sec. I think she made an acc. Im her friend there We shared few moments though but never thought there will be an article wriiten bout her. Gud to her But C'mon.

I hate in gaming. I personally know the hottest gamegirl. I work with her. She loves videogames, board games, anime, movies, everything. The messed up part is that we are both crazy about each other but we are involved with other ppl at the moment. I'm not worried because if things don't work out with my current girl, I have the best girl in the world just waiting for me to scoop her up :].

Does this mean my gaming website would be ranked higher if i bleach my stacey poole pussy and start pushing my boobs out?

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Maybe i'll save that for sweeps lol. Crickets- I'm really not a superficial asshole, but hey it never hurts for a woman to pretty herself up, it's just nice for everybody!! If that's you in the avatar, then you already have nice eyes and cute lips! Off to a good start.

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As for the hair, I think you should leave it dark or go darker cause that's what ppl seem to be into right, at least me. But I do think you should try something new with your hair, but maybe that's not even how you normally do it. XD She is pretty hot If she is good with the wii or move Cinotix 1 - d ago Cancel. BulletProofVess 1 - d ago Cancel.

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Culture kokugamer. Create Report! I ended up contacting him through Facebook and asked him to please stop. I accused him of stalking and harassment.

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After that, the daily reporting stopped and I haven't had an issue since. I think Facebook is starting to change their policies and how easy they make it for people to bully someone on their siteso hopefully no one else will have to put up with such annoyance. GS: Sounds like he just couldn't handle your Cammy cosplay. Speaking of which, can you hint at any secret costumes you're working on?

You've already surprised fans with unique takes on Kratos and Thor.

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What's next? I will be upgrading my superhero Snow White costume and will be with a much bigger group of girls for the Superhero Disney Princess group. But also am hoping to debut a female Nathan Drake woealexandra nude. It's been a bit hard getting his boobs just right and making a female version of Drake not look like Lara Raychul Also working on doing the pink alternate costume for Cammy, which is by far the fan favorite of mine.

Then another one I have toyed with but might not be doing this year, is a female Dante from the Devil May Cry series. We will see what I actually end up doing. I would like to upgrade my Kratos costume one of these years and add some of free ex girlfriend revenge accessories like the Golden Fleece and I would also like to wear my Thor costume again at some point too.

GS: I know you have to say you love all your fans, but are there times where some just act creepy? RM : I don't have to say I love all of my fans, but I do love them. That means at least nihaotomita cursory look at the controls which would tell you how moore sprint, ADS, toss a grenade, switch fire modes, etc This is gaming imo.

So she might be a 'gamer' in that she plays games, but she sure as hell isn't a gamer. AlphaMiCJul 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here. It gets a lot of attention from moore guys. And girls are caddy. So, people like me, who assumed she was just some bimbo looking for attention, attacked her. Not cool. Do I always agree with her reviews?

Do I always like her writing? Does she rock a Cami costume well? Of course. Probably not. Raychul Answers. Why does Joel keep jogging instead of running? Tech Support 9 Answers How many hours of game play boobs there? General 6 Answers Need help with heal bandages?

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General 1 Answer How do I find the red x that is mentioned in one of the notes? Side Quest 2 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

Fun Fact: Defending this poser isn't going to get you laid. User Info: zyrax zyrax 6 years ago 13 That's a messed up way to spell Rachel User Info: Nata5ha5 Nata5ha5 6 years ago 14 Is this a youtube celebrity or something? User Info: Skyline22 Skyline22 6 years ago 16 Nata5ha5 posted YTtalk girls??

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DawgethPlays YTtalk Mad. Girls boobs Raychul Moore make it harder raychul channels like mine. DawgethPlays said:. Oh god - a series gillian jacobs naked "Whats in Raychul's Box" Yeah, thats not catered towards horny gamers or anything.

Maybe it's just my perverted head haha. I agree pitbullnorthc which i s why I also said but she can if she wants. She shouldn't have to hide her body if she wants to show it off.

I was just stating that channels like hers are why guys bash other girls too even if we don't do it. Like DawgethPlays said, she appeals to moore horny gamer guys thus why I am not a fan.


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raychul moore boobs fucking machine squirt porn Log in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums. After you seen this you know planetside 2 need better tutorial lollll. Can't seem to embed a video with a specific time frame, but these few seconds pretty much sums up my feelings on all of this: NSFW if you watch the whole thing. TradewindJul 22, Hot chicks are starting to flood the net People use them for things like that since most "nerds" are excited to see them
raychul moore boobs halo gif Raychul Moore is not your ordinary girl, she loves gaming, writing reviews for various publications than giving you a battle on a game of Halo. She also enjoys the Uncharted franchise. I'd beat her in any game of Modern Warfare, than geez on them nice tatas. I'm blaming N4G users. C'mon now Asia has an IQ over and owns all in Unreal Tournament. She may be a gamer girl, but she's not selling her gaming cred or journalistic capabilities, she's selling her looks.