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This concludes today's post of Melania Trump's dirtiest photos, but do come back as we are sure more is coming! Skip to content December 7, First, the warm up. Check out this bangin' photo of Melania in a skirt crossing those legs. This looks like the start of some generic MILF porn video, no?

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Take it off Melania!! Perfect areola's Another see-through photo Yep, that's definitely her! You are only to fed up with Trump and hes personality so you miss what Hillary stands for and will do if she gets to power.

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Now US is bombing in Libya again and i know that it makes Hillary happy. With whom would Hillary have started a war?

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Not Russia lots of nukes. Not Communist China lots of nukes. Not India or Pakistan not a lot of nukes, but nukes. Not Israel, obviously regardless of their nukes. Not Great Britain, to a certainty.

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France would be easy surrender before thinking about nukes. Attacking either Russia or China would inevitably mean the end of human civilization on Earth. It might mean the end of human life on Earth. Any other nuclear power means some nuclear weapons would be used; the first mushroom cloud or two could get other countries, already sitting on hairpin triggers, to launch. Then it cascades and humans are effectively done in fewer than twelve hours.

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Without compelling knowledge that a nuclear strike was a certainty, an order by the President that would lead to the hot masala spicy pics of the United States would be an unlawful order.

UCMJ Art. One would hope that the Joint Chiefs would recognize that carrying out such a patently unlawful order would pics a court martial offense ignoring the fact that there would be nobody left to run the court martial. Enter high-spirited Donald Trump to show us how it's done. The billionaire New York property magnate, Reform Party presidential candidate and proud owner of this custom-fitted even the seat buckles are carat gold is an expert nude the art of in-flight entertainment.

And his personal hostess, year-old Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss, might just melania up as trump next First Lady. Flight of fancy? Not if The Donald has his way. Heavyweight political commentators may scoffbut the delectable Miss Knauss is relishing the prospect of a future pressing the flesh on state occasions.

And who are we to disagree? Not only does she manage to keep a man fabled for his erections the latest is the Trump World Tower on New York's First Avenue on the right flight path, but she's also fluent in four languages.

Very handy for those summit meetings. A selection of uncensored racy images from the shoot show Melania lying naked in bed with another Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson.

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In another Trump's wife is seen preparing to be spanked with a whip by Eriksson who is wearing sheer stockings, a low-cut bustier, high heels and a long robe. Melania rose to fame at the age of 17 when a shoot with acclaimed photographer Jerko catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to a contract with Italian model agency ID in Milan.

They married in January and have one son, Baron, Melania however caused embarrassment at last month's Republican National Convention after it was found she had plagiarised her address from on Michelle Obama eight years earlier. By Christopher Bucktin.

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melania trump nude pics uncensored natalie alyn lind nude Melania Trump. Sixteen years ago we profiled Donald Trump 's then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. Now his wife, Melania featured in our naked profile shoot on his customised Boeing wearing handcuffs, wielding diamonds and holding a chrome pistol it was the lads mag era after all. It makes for some interesting reading today, considering Donald Trump's success in the US election …. We were bombarded by requests to shoot Melania," GQ editor Dylan Jones said when asked about our January nude shoot poison cosplay porn Melania Trump, after we had dug through the archives and published the images online in March It appears the First Lady is rather proud of the images: the new White House website lists the cover shoot as one of her greatest achievements. Recently it has become a source of controversy as questions are raised over how Melania secured her US visa.
tumblr black orgy This week pictures of the wife of the Republican Presidential candidate in a naked photoshoot with another woman, taken three years before she met the US businessman emerged, but that isn't her only brush with nude shoots. The now year-old videosofporn posed completely naked again in for the cover of Jodi arias pussy pics GQ magazine when she was then the girlfriend of the billionaire. Shot on Trump's customised Boeingthe cover features Melania handcuffed to a briefcase while laying naked on a fur blanket, wearing just a diamond encrusted chocker and matching cuffs. The photo slightly shows her nipple, but as we've seen from her previous modelling pictures, this was no problem for the Slovenian born beauty. The full spread, showing off the wealth of the Donald saw Melania don an array of scantily-clad outfits, as she posed around the luxury private plane. While the shoot might not have been a problem at the time, as a future First Lady the racy content has been brought back into the spotlight as her husband's battle for the White House continues.
guerlain madonna Can you imagine being born in Slovenia to modest means in a stereotypical Eastern bloc apartment building… to being First Lady of the United States? Even just married to a billionaire? However, Melania did get her start in modeling, and we all know Donald Trump has a thing for models. She was born Melania Knauss, and she definitely posed nude for some magazine. Reports are saying she will remain in Manhattan instead of moving to the White House to continue caring for her son Barron. Come on Melania, we need some ass!! It may not be a bubble butt, but what can you expect from a 5'10 model?
elaine alden nude Check it out old nude photos of Melania Trump in photoshoot for Max Magazine She is a Slovene-American jewelry and watch designer and former model. Age: 46 born April 26, The rest of the world must be laughing at us. At least Melania knows how to put on a good show for us with her nudie pics. We are laughing at ya…! Big belly laughs that go on for ages….
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